carlo fei
IMAGES SHADOWS IDEAS (Gaspare Luigi Marcone)

Memory, image, light, shadow, darkness, idea, thought, truth… just some of the concepts present in Giordano Bruno’s De Umbris Idearum (published in Paris in 1582), the book that “stimulated” this exhibition. The works presented were produced independently of the Nola-born philosopher’s hypotheses but have been selected because they “embrace” or “evoke”, each in their own and different ways, a number of the concepts listed. “Paper” matter and “photographic” materials and vice versa, appeared to be other common denominators in this research. Photographic fragments and notes, manipulated photographs, photographic details of sculptures, photographs of installations and performative actions… over to the artists…

curated by 

Gaspare Luigi Marcone 2018 The Open Box Milano:

Valentino Albini, Corrado Bove, Gianni Caravaggio
Carlo Fei, Goldschmied&Chiari, Sophie Ko
Mikayel Ohanjanyan, Ornaghi &Prestinari,
Shigeru Saito, Elisabeth Scherffig

testo di carlo fei per The Open Box Milano 2018 

Moving, a load, from, one place, to another, takes time, but, “time is always in time”. Moving, one’s gaze, from, an enlargement, of, a small object, to, an enlargement, of, a landscape, required: the time, zero, that, is always in time. From, the readymade, to, the minimal, to proceed, forwards, in time, that, is always in time. The, photographic, series, is compose, of, an, apparent, light, that, hides and, reveals itself, in the moment, in which, everything, becomes, darker, in, a time, which, is always in time.